With Prestige Bars you can have a party any time of the the year!

We tend to think seasonally when it comes to celebrations and parties.  Summer is the time for barbecues, weddings and graduations, while in winter festivities tend to focus around Christmas and Bonfire night.

But there are plenty of reasons for a party, whatever the time of year.

Perhaps you want to mark a special family or personal event with a celebration dinner.  Has somebody won a promotion, an award or a new position?part any time of the year

Welcoming home a younger family member who has been off travelling, or has just passed their college exams is another good excuse to party.

Then there are family events, from birthdays and anniversaries to retirements, engagement parties to christenings, or relatives visiting from overseas.

But who needs an excuse? A get together can be a great mood lifter especially in the winter when the skies are perpetually gloomy and you need something to lift the spirits.

Whatever the reason a party doesn’t have to mean someone slaving away in the kitchen for hours.

Using an outside catering and bar service can take care of all that.

Prestige bars offer whatever level of drinks service you might need, from setting up a bar to supplying the glasses and drink to a fully staffed service.

We can also provide themed catering from fine dining cooked by excellent chefs for an intimate dinner party at home to barbecues and hog roasts.

What’s more it’s all under your control.  We will talk to you first and then tailor everything to your budget and requirements.