Summer Wedding Food

Catering for a large and varied collection of people who are likely to be guests at a summer wedding can be a challenge, especially if the bride and groom want something a little unusual.
Children can be picky, some people will be vegetarian, some perhaps will not eat pork and then there will be some people who have food allergies and intolerances to look after.  Perhaps the easiest solution is to offer a range of canapés and finger foods with different fillings and toppings to allow guests to browse and pick their own foods.

But what if you want to offer something more substantial?

For outdoor eating the obvious options are a hog roast or barbecue with which there could be a buffet range of side dishes from baked potatoes to salads, pasta dishes to artisan breads and cheeses. This makes a change from the traditional wedding sit-down roast meal and allows guests to mingle and chat while eating.

Another increasingly popular option is a themed menu featuring the cuisine from a particular country.

Mexican is a particularly good option for this as it has a variety of finger food snacks such as nachos and tortillas. Caterers could offer a range of fillings including both meat and non-meat so that guests can choose their own favourites. Spanish cuisine also offers similar varieties of finger foods like tapas.

Another option is to have a selection of buffet tables each offering a particular global food, so there could be Indian, traditional English, Mexican, Japanese sushi, Italian, you name it.  Whatever the option it is best to talk to your chosen caterer well in advance and check the range of foods they are able to offer. Ideally you should ask to taste some samples to reassure yourself that they are able to produce what they promise.

You will want to leave all the catering, both food and drink, (alcohol and non-alcohol), in their capable hands so check whether they are able to offer both as well as all the equipment, such as cutlery, plates, napkins etc. especially if the wedding is to have a particular colour or style theme.

They will almost certainly want to check what facilities are available, such as access for vehicles and power or a hot water supply, at the venue and whether there are any restrictions on where they can operate, as part of their own planning.

Planning a wedding and reception can be a complicated business but the secret to saving yourself from stress and headaches is to find good, reliable, versatile and preferably local suppliers – this is where we can help.  To find out more contact us here.