Rotisserie Chicken

A rotisserie of up to 40 fresh Suffolk chickens, slowly cooked on the spit whilst being basted with our own

‘Southern Style’ sauce to produce a sweet and very slightly spicy (not hot) and tender meat – moist and

succulent – with the meat almost falling off the bone!

The chickens are cooked in front of your guests for around 90 minutes making it a perfect buffet when served with home made sage and onion stuffing, roasted Suffolk pork sausages, 4 side salads – one of which can be potatoes of any description- and a range of sauces, condiments, and dips.

The chickens can be marinated with honey and mustard, Tikka, Mediterranean herbs, hoi sin, etc or just left to baste naturally! And because of the layout of the rotisserie – you can have two different marinades cooking together! (We simply have, for example, the 5 chickens on the right hand side in Tikka sauce and the ones on the left honey and herb!

This also goes very well as a combination with our chicken and chorizo big-pan-paella!

For the price of £ 16.95 per person.
Or, for a rather simpler evening buffet – £7.95.

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