Planning a wedding in 2017 – The latest trends

Pastels and florals – and all things natural – are among the favourite tends for 2017 for everything from the wedding dress to the reception decoration.
The emphasis is on the bohemian, unstructured and relaxed with the bridal catwalks for 2017 awash with pastel pinks and floral patterns on dresses in floaty fabrics – a move away from the stiffly corseted and severely tailored look that has recently been popular.

The cost of the average UK wedding has been calculated as between £15,000 and £25,000 and perhaps this is why there are signs of a trend towards the more unusual, bohemian and DIY in planning weddings. Much as it is a special day, it makes no sense to spend that kind of money when it could be put towards a deposit on a home or something equally tangible.You can still create a memorable day without spending a fortune. Venues will charge a premium during peak wedding months of June, July and August, especially at the weekends. It may be worth considering getting married on a weekday, out of peak season or in an unusual location. Alternatives could be weddings in parks, zoos and village halls or even the garden. Another trend that seems to be on the increase is for the ceremony and the reception to be held at the same location. This saves on transport costs as well as on time. Or how about rickshaw transport? There are many companies in the UK that now provide these as an alternative to the more traditional limos.

Decorations, flowers and catering
Given the natural and floral theme, there is no reason for formal, stiff bouquets using expensive blooms. A pretty, natural selection of flowers like daisies, carnations and sweet peas in a lacy wrapper (think paper doilies) will go well with the softer, pastel and floral styles of 2017 wedding dresses. Decorating the reception area with garlands and centrepieces of natural greenery, perhaps with the occasional sparkly bauble or pine cones can work well. When it comes to food, a trend in the last couple of years that looks likely to continue is to replace the traditional wedding cake with tiers of pretty, iced cup cakes. They are also much easier to package for guests to take away with them. Other ideas for food range from takeaways to food trucks or bicycles laden with an assortment of finger snacks from around the world. Of course, there has to be a bar, but it is possible to hire a fully-serviced bar complete with bar staff or just to hire the bar, glasses and drinks and enlist the help of friends and family to do the serving.