Evening Food Ideas

Bacon/sausage baps with egg baps for vegetarians with 2 Baps per person (on average)                  £5.00

Big pan chicken and chorizo paella                                                                                                    £8.95

Cheese boards with celery, crackers, grapes etc                                                                     From:   £4.50

Mexican chilli con carne either served with rice or in wraps                                                              £9.95

Chicken fajitas, if you wished we could offer the chilli and fajitas served on a 50/50 basis.  £9.95

Pulled pork subs                                                                                                                                  £7.95

Brisket of beef with chunky French sticks                                                                                         £6.95

Hog roast with homemade sausage sage and onion stuffing, apple sauce etc                                 £9.50

(Minimum of 90 people)

Pork Pie Tower – a selection of pork pies, gala pies, layered chicken and ham,                        From   £150.00

Sliced chicken and chorizo pie, mini pork pies and garnished with pickles, chutney, mustards etc.  etc.  (Minimum of 30 people)

Baskets n’ Buckets

Baskets of lightly smoked chicken wings, baked in a spicy Jerk sauce served together with buckets of soft shell crab with chilli mayo and garlic buttered flat bread or brioche rolls.

A perfect mix of two very different foods.  For the price of £9.95 per person

Evening mixed food

Also ideal for parties, baby showers, etc  All served to your guests by our roving waiting staff with boards and paddles etc.

We suggest a selection of 5/6 different items for £9.95 per person.

Mini pots of chilli and rice

Mini cheese burgers

Mini pots of sausage and mash (sausage bites) and a touch of red onion gravy

Mini hot dogs with ‘proper’ Suffolk sausages

Mini cones of fish and chips

Mini chicken and chorizo burgers (with or without cheese)

Min pots of pasta in a cheese and black pepper sauce

Mini subs with slow cooked beef brisket (or pulled pork)

Mini pots of curry and pilau rice

Mini pots of pasta in rich tomato sauce

All served with miniature forks and knives

We suggest a selection of 5/6 different items for £7.95 per person

A discount of £2.00 per person for evening food can be applied if we are already cooking on site in the afternoon.

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