Event Bars

We regularly provide bars at large events around the country where we either have one or two large bars up to 100 ft long or multiple smaller bars dotted around the event. We can provide clearspan marquees and/or pop-up marquees for the bars according to size and local conditions.

All the bars are fully equipped to serve multiple draught products together with bottled beers and ciders etc, spirit, soft drinks etc. With our unique draught beer pouring methods we believe that these bars offer a better and more customer friendly service with a much better selection of drinks than drop-down trailer bars.

What’s Your Favourite?

If you have a favourite tipple that’s not on our Drinks List, we will do our best to find it and have available.

You can have the pay bar option or, if you wish, we can run an account bar and invoice you afterwards. Or perhaps, a combination of both where you have a tab up to a limit then revert to a cash bar. And, you can always reduce the selection of drinks that we offer on a tab and exclude the more expensive options to avoid any nasty surprises!

Or, if you wish, we will give you a very reasonable quotation on a pre-paid, fixed price free bar!

We can advise you on the approximate amount that guests will drink and give you an estimate of costs.

And to make it easier for you and your guests, payment by card is always available.

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