Reception Drinks

Buck’s Fizz                                                                                                    £2.50

Champagne (From)                                                                                   £5.50

Sparkling wine (Prosecco, Cava etc)                                                     £3.20

White wine (from)                                                                                                 £4.00

Cocktails (from)  Mojitos, Margaretas, Bellinis etc                           £5.00

Mulled wine                                                                                                 £3.50

Mulled Aspall Cider                                                                                    £3.50

Becks/Bud/Sol/Peroni served by the bottle directly from  buckets of ice            £3.00

Summer Pimms served with ice, mint, cucumber and fruit           £3.00

Winter Pimms served warm with orange and cinnamon               £3.00

All the above drinks are served via silver salver by our uniformed staff.

All prices are per person.

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