Why Hold a Business Event – what’s in it for you?

When a business goes to the trouble of organising an event, whether it is purely for its own staff or for clients, customers and suppliers it wants the day to be remembered for the right reasons.

Why hold an event?

Company events can be useful to help employees, perhaps normally working from different locations, to meet and get to know colleagues they may only have spoken to on the phone. Organised around a specific theme or task they can help people learn to work together, to communicate and to co-operate with each other. Equally, they can be used to encourage people to innovate, explore their creativity and to learn new skills or to learn where their particular role fits into the organisation.

Such events do not have to be restricted to lectures or seminars.  The more entertaining and interactive the day, the more likely it is to be effective and memorable, so running workshops on everything from dance to cake baking to circus skills can be just as relevant.

As the spring approaches the season for business fairs and exhibitions gets under way.  At the same time, many companies may be preparing to launch new products or services that they want to reveal to staff and customers.

An open day at the company’s premises is a great opportunity to showcase itself as well as offering hospitality to loyal customers and suppliers.

Then, of course, an event can be an opportunity for some fun and to show appreciation to staff or to customers for their support throughout the previous years.

Where to hold the event

Some businesses will have a large enough space either indoors or in their grounds that can be used for an event.  This is ideal if part of the purpose is to show people how the business works or the kind of equipment it has.  It also allows customers to meet and get to know the people who fulfil their orders.

Alternatively, events can be held in nearby halls, parks or other spaces, perhaps when the main purpose is to thank people for their custom or for their work.

Whatever the event, an essential ingredient is likely to be offering refreshments.

Here at Prestige Bars, we can offer everything from fully-staffed service to simply setting up the bar and supplying the drinks. We also offer a range of themed catering covering everything from snacks to a full, formal meal with service.

We’re happy to meet with your organisers and talk through the options to help you decide what will work best at a price you can afford to provide your guests with a lasting, good memory of your event.