Venue Bars

At Prestige we also have the ability to design and build bars for venues which don’t currently have a bar in place. We will work with the venue owner to produce a design which both fits the space available and also the surrounding décor and ‘style’ of the venue.

We would also discuss how we could build, install, equip stock and run the bar and the amount of commission etc we would pay for the privilege. We currently have several such agreements in place with venue owners which are all working very well. Please give us a call and we would be pleased to speak with you!

We can help

If you have a venue that doesn’t need a permanent bar because of space, security or for any other reason but does need a bar on occasion – whether on a regular basis or just now and then – we can easily help with one of our modular bars which can be serving as little as 2 hours after our arrival! The bar can be of any size to suit the space available and the number of guests expected with a mutually beneficial financial arrangement agreed beforehand! You and your guests have a fantastic bar and we do all the work – what could be better! and as many courses as you wish and anything from à la carte to al fresco! Let us know the type of thing you have in mind and we’ll be pleased to provide a full quotation with detailed menus etc. using the finest local produce whenever possible.

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